FIST Inc.(Financial Information Software Technology) was founded in the year 1989. The name defines our company’s objective: to provide modern software technology for customers that need to process financial information.

We achieve this ambitious objective with our experienced and well attuned team of Senior Business Analysts, Solution Architects and Senior Software Engineers.

Our experience, Your advantage

FIST Inc. has led the design of the Financial Instruments Data Model FIDM™ (a joint ownership of Ecofin Data Model Inc. and SIX Telekurs Financial Information Inc.). Furthermore, we have implemented several interfaces from Valor-Data-Feed VDF™ (a product of SIX Telekurs Financial Information Inc.) and are consulting SIX Telekurs for VDF enhancements. This gives us a headstart when constructing financial applications that are based on ideas close to FIDM and on products of sellers of financial information.

Highly performing, reliable and flexibly configurable systems that increase data quality, reduce error rates (“Straight through Processing”, StP) while also reducing manual data entry efforts: these are not mere buzzwords to us. We have built such systems and they prove their worth each day when processing production data. In new projects our past experience helps us grasping the customer needs quickly and fulfill them efficiently with low project risk.