For more than 20 years, Financial Information Software Technology Inc. offers comprehensive services in the area of financial information systems and applications:

  • Business and technical analysis
  • Consulting and conceptual work
  • Project management
  • Requirements analysis
  • GUI design
  • Data and object modelling
  • Software architecture and development
    • Reinforcements of customer development teams
    • Projects or subprojects at fixed cost and schedule
  • Test management and execution
  • Trouble shooting

The employees of FIST Inc. team up not only with profound banking business know-how but with excellent technology skills, expertise in software architecture and project management. All employees have a professional record of several years that has been acquired by working in or leading one or more of the following demanding projects:

  • FIDM™ (Financial Instruments Data Model): FIDM™ is a comprehensive model for storing data of financial instruments. It was developed as a jointly owned product of Ecofin Data Model Inc. and SIX Telekurs Financial Information Inc. Financial Information Software Technology Inc. had the task of lead design since the start of the project. This role has given us the advantageous position when developing FIDM™-oriented products (e.g. Valor-Data-Feed, VDF™, a product of SIX Financial Information Inc.). Hence, we are ahead when constructing financial applications based on FIDM™ concepts and on products of financial information providers.
  • VDPS (german: Valorendaten Pflegesystem): VDPS is a system for monitoring and improving the quality of financial information data which is used by large swiss banks. The requirements for flexibility, configurability, very high performance and the optimization of manual processes resulted in a demanding development phase. The empoyees of Financial Information Software Technology Inc. were leading the conception, development and optimization of the system.
  • CONNEXOR™ (a standard and product suite for structured products data of SIX Group Inc.): In several projects at banks and with SIX Swiss Exchange and SIX Telekurs FIST Inc. takes an important role in the evolution and implementation of a new model to reflect the multitude of properties of structured products. The flexibility of this model allows the capture existing and future structured products as combinations of basic product components. Automated processes are currently being implemented on the basis of CONNEXOR™.

FIST Inc. with its rich asset of past experience and business know-how is able to deliver efficiently and at low risk. Additionally, FIST Inc. offers a set of standard software components, coined FIST-ToolKit, for use in customer projects. These are optimal conditions to start projects with success guaranteed in the areas of :

  • Data quality management and data reconciliation
  • Data migrations (e.g. from legacy systems into new environments)
  • Integration of new data sources into customer applications
  • Adaptations, enhancements and re-modelling of existing financial instruments applications
  • Extract financial instruments feed data from various sources, check and transfer to mutiple consuming interfaces

Data dispatching and adapters for target systems