Data Feed Handler

The Data Feed Handler within the FIST-ToolKit is a generic tool to process data feeds. Each data feed is mapped into a meta-model. The customers target data base, into which the feed data is to be stored, is also represented on a meta-level. The feed processing is configured by mapping the two meta-models. This procedure results in the following advantages:

  • Ease and flexibility of linking data feeds into target data bases
  • The implementation of the customer target data base can be plugged-in whereas the data feed import interface is reused without effort
  • Short and guaranteed development time for new data feeds (3-6 months)
  • Short and guaranteed adaptation time for release-changes of the data feeds (1 month)
  • Short and guaranteed adaptation time for release-changes of the customer db (1 month)
  • Ease of specification of customer-specific validation standards on the feed or on the target db through the use of meta-models.

The Data Feed Handler is constructed in the context of real-time data feeds (Reuters Data Feed, Telekurs Data Feed) and fulfils ambitious performance requirements.
VDF™ is one of the most complex data feeds and Data Feed Handler deals with it for years and was adapted to over 10 release changes.