Partners and Customers

  • FISTDerivative AG, Since 2007 the consulting company of FIST co-founder Ngo Truong Dinh
  • Deriva GmbH (Germany), our partner for financial products engineering.
  • Deriva SPI AG, our Swiss partner for financial products engineering.


  • The interbank project VDPS (german: Valorendaten Pflegesystem) which handles the processing of data of all financial instruments for UBS, Credit-Suisse and the German stock exchange. The feeds supported are VDF, WM (feed from German stock exchange) and bank-internal feeds
 Credit suise
  •  VDPS integration, customizations and enhancements at the customer’s site
  • Design of FIDM together with Ecofin
  • Development of FIPS (Financial Instruments Publishing System) and FIDB (Financial Instruments Database)
  • Consulting for the integration of the new structured products model (CONNEXOR™) into VDF™.
  • Design and implementation of validation rules for structured products (CONNEXOR™) and of a monitoring system for structured products events
  • Design and implementation of an upload-feed for structured products towards the Bloomberg platform
  •  Banking application